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Product Name: He’s Not That Complicated

Product Author: Eric Charles & Sabrina Alexis

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He’s Not That Complicated is a book that aims to help women to stop turning off men and figure out what makes a man reluctant to be in an exclusive relationship. Especially, it aims to help make your man treat you better and value you more or are having difficulty attracting the right man, or are in a relationship but you’re wondering is there a future in this relationship.It can work for women who are already married and need advice to keep the romance alive, but this book better suits single women or women who are trying to get their man to make the relationship exclusive.

He’s Not That Complicated is an eBook written to guide and teach a woman how she can capture man’s heart and make him fall deeply in love with her. This eBook is written by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis who are famous dating coaches and here in this eBook, they have revealed seven secrets about male psychology that can help a woman make that one special man fall deeply in love with her. According to Charles and Alexis, if a woman just understands those male psychology tricks, she would be able to make a man too loyal and obsessed with her that he’ll stop at nothing to keep her happy with absolutely no stress and zero worry.


This eBook explains in detail about the mindset and behaviors that can kill a relationship. It would actually teach a woman how she can prevent herself from making mistakes that can turn off her man. This book also focuses on teaching how to prevent a relationship from going good to bad and how should a woman respond when her man begins avoiding her or showing lack of interest. Moreover, this eBook also contains cheat sheets that have the step-by-step recipe for a woman to figure out exactly what her man feels about her. It further provides case studies of real life cases that will help a woman determine whether or not a man is ready for her.

What Is He’s Not That Complicated?

This is a program developed by Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles, both of whom are authors and relationship experts. They have created a program that is specifically written to help women understand men better and to make their man treat them with love and respect, so that they are able to build a successful and happy relationship for both of them.


Overview of Inside the Eric Charles He’s Not That Complicated eBook:

Chapter 1: Deals in depth with how being needy towards a man can kill a relationship.
Warning: What you may consider needy behavior, may be quite different to what he considers needy behavior!

Chapter 2: The authors go into why a man may become distant all of sudden, why he hasn’t text you back, and how a hot connection with a man can all of sudden go completely cold.

Chapter 3: In this chapter the authors teach you how to recognize whether a guy truly likes you. Do you know if he is just interested in sex? How do you know if he truly loves you?… this is all covered in chapter 3.

Chapter 4: The big commitment chapter. Why won’t he call you his girlfriend? Why won’t he update his relationship status on Facebook?…. or the big one, why won’t he ask you to marry him after all this time together?… An interesting chapter, that deals with all of these issues directly.

Chapter 5: Women all know other women in their lives who have emotional baggage…. but what about men? They can also be carrying some quite severe baggage. Chapter 5 concentrates on this topic, dealing with some specific situations that are common among men.

Chapter 6: How to get him to realize that he is the luckiest man in the world to be in a relationship with you. This chapter goes deeply into how to have him treat you better, and have the relationship you deserve.

Bonus Chapter: Unfortunately I cannot tell you!…. I have pushed the limits as to how much I have released from inside the book already… but I think it compliments the rest of the book nicely.



  • With the information provided by this eBook, a woman would be able to develop a very good understanding of how she can fix a relationship no matter how distant she is with her man.
  • Any woman can use these male psychology secrets immediately to enjoy a life without relationship stress.
  • The eBook “He is not that complicated” also provides some bonuses to the users, those bonuses would include information required for a woman to understand whether she is an option or a priority for a man?
  • When you purchase this eBook “He’s not that Complicated”, you would also get eligible to purchase coaching with Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles.


  • It is not available in the form of book which you can get from market. Since it is an electronic book, you can only get it if you have access to internet.

Bottom Line:

“He is not that complicated” is a comprehensive eBook that teaches a woman how to understand her man so well that she can get able to take control of her relationship. Moreover, it would also help women understand how to get men treat them better and value them more.

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